I’m Teaching!

Next month I will be doing an evening lecture and trunk show at the San Luis Obispo Quilters, on Monday, May 9. Tuesday, May 10, I will be doing a workshop on Kantha stitching, and Wednesday, May 11, will be a workshop on Improv Patching and Piecing. I am excited to have the opportunity to share the way I love to work with other quilters. If you are interested in attending any of these events, Click here to go to their website. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is an email address.

Here is an example of the improve patching and piecing, with some kantha stitching in the circles:


And a close-up of kantha stitching:


I am always careful to clarify that my stitching is “kantha inspired.” I know what kantha stitching is, and I can tell you how to do it, but what I do is a little different than traditional kantha.

Look at this! I think I mentioned being intrigued by this artist’s needle weaving. Well, I tried it out. Its a bit painstaking, but it was also fun to do as a former weaver. Seeing how the colors interact when they are woven is what I like the best. This is just a small piece, maybe 9″X 11″.




5 thoughts on “I’m Teaching!

  1. Love the stitching – and wish I was closer – you KNOW I’d be in your class! Kantha-inspired….Big Stitch…..whatever it’s called, I enjoy doing it and looking at it.

  2. I love your Kantha-style stitching, but you knew that already… 🙂 The stitch weaving is really interesting, too – I swear, you find the coolest things and do such a great job of incorporating them into your style!

  3. Love, love the weaving! And enjoy your gig in SLO-they are a great bunch and were already talking about you when I was there. Knock it out of the park!

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