The Really Really Scrappy Quilt

“Its not such a bad little quilt, Charlie Brown.”


And now, the rest of the story 🙂

About a year ago a new book came out called Slow Stitch. I guess I was being thrifty at the moment, because I didn’t buy it. And then it sold out, and so I wanted it REALLY REALLY BAD. One day I saw on the author’s blog that it was going to be re-printed. Oh joy! I pre-ordered it from Amazon. So the past week or so I’ve been reading it in the morning. The author is really all about using what we have, and even goes into using re-purposing used clothing and fabric. I have a LOT of fabric to use up before I could ever get into buying thrift store clothes for quilts. She also talks about traditional kantha stitching, and an idea began to grow.

Two weeks ago, before rug hooking camp, I set about cutting one inch strips of fabric. They have a student sale at camp, and last year I sold bags of the strips for knitting your own rugs. The fabrics I was going through had already been sorted into bags to sell/give away, and as I came to scraps too small for the strips, I set them aside in neat piles, probably to give away. When I came home from camp, the piles were still there. Such nice little scraps, I thought, and put them in a container in the closet.

Then, last week, Maria Shell wrote a great blog post about how she loves using small scraps. Those scraps in the closet began calling to me! I would make a completely scrappy quilt, NO PLANNING. Use the scraps just as they came. No design wall. And I would make a real Kantha quilt/blanket. I even ordered some cotton gauze for the middle layer, so it would be really nice to stitch through. The only rule I made was that after sewing 3 or four scraps together, I would square them up to the nearest quarter inch.

I had been sewing the scraps together whenever I had a few minutes to spare. So Tuesday, after I finished the little needle keeper, I set about making my wonderful Really Really Scrappy Quilt. In the end, I had to put the big pieces on the design wall to see how they would fit together.

Its not such a bad little quilt. But I’m not sure its one that I want to spend hours and hours of hand stitching on. I do really want to do a kantha style blanket, but I’m thinking that a little more planning and design process wouldn’t be a bad thing 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Really Really Scrappy Quilt

    • Ha! That’s because they are older fabrics. The fun thing is that a lot of times I can remember where I was when I bought the fabrics, who I was with.

  1. I think Kantha holds a special place in your heart, and for that, the piece needs to be worthy.

    The scrappy quilt is really fun; maybe instead of doing the Kantha stitching on it, you could layer more shapes of fabric on some of the bigger, more solid squares, to add some “Debby” to the quilt…your pieces always seem to have so much depth to them, almost like a picture search, where the more you look, the more you see.

  2. I discovered your interesting blog while trying to find out what type of thread to use for Kantha-type stitching. Do you use #5 perle cotton or something else? I’m going to try #5 with a Sashiko needle right now. (And I LOVE the super-scrappy quilt!)

    • Hi Nancy, I sometimes use #5 perle cotton, but it is much more enjoyable to stitch with #8. My two favorite needles for #8 are self-threading needles and #24 chenille needle. For #5, my favorite needle is the #1 milliner’s needle. Thanks for liking my little Charlie Brown quilt!

      • Thank you so much for your tips, Debby. #5 was too bulky. I have one spool of #8 and I see how it will be better. I will keep the needle sizes in mind, too.

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