The Journey

Recently I had lunch with an old friend (who creates AMAZING Pysanky eggs) and she told me about her recent trip to Spain, where she and her husband walked the 500 miles of the Camino de Santiago!! The Camino has been walked by thousands of Christian pilgrims for the past thousand years. Nowadays it is still walked by pilgrims from many faiths, and many times for reasons other than a faith journey. Whatever the reason, it is something that fascinates me. Committing to walking 500 miles, and then following through with that–well that is the kind of thing that inspires me.

My friend recommended two movies–Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago, a very well done documentary, and The Way, another excellent movie about the same thing. I watched both movies this past week, and was very moved by the stories of the people walking, and how they continued on in spite of pain and other difficulties. And how each person found special meaning through their walk and the camaraderie that they found along the way.

As I watched (and stitched) it reminded me of the quilting journey I am on. Many times it is a spiritual journey (nothing excites me more than stitching the beautiful words of scripture into a quilt.) Sometimes the journey I have chosen seems endless, and I wonder, “what was I thinking?” as I stitch. But like the pilgrims on their way to Santiago, I learn that the journey is what is important. I will learn many things as I stitch. Sometimes I learn that what I chose to do didn’t work so well. Sometimes there is a turn in the road, and I discover something completely new and unrelated to the current work. Always, there is value in putting hand to cloth and striving to create something beautiful.


11 thoughts on “The Journey

    • Well, thank you! The stitching is relaxing and enjoyable. But it does seem like it will take a LONG time to finish 🙂

      • yes, I have a Kantha throw pillow and I thought I’d applique a fabric scrap to it along with some beads and additional gold thread ‘stitching’. I gave up quite quickly.

  1. Debby-
    Thanks for sharing the 2 movie names. Looking forward to watching them.

    Your stitching looks so beautiful on your blanket, It pulls all the fabrics together.

    GladI met you on my own journey to provide me ongoing insights and inspiration. 🙂

    • Thank you Catherine! I am glad I met you. I hope we get a chance to spend an afternoon together again soon.

      That is what I was hoping, that the thread work would integrate the fabrics. I am mostly using one teal blue, but am also going to add a bit of other blues, and some orange/coral shades.

  2. One of my kids did part of the Camino this year. I will not see her, or talk to her, for another couple weeks, so I do not know in full about the experience. She also was able to cross an international border, on foot, as part of another pilgrimage this summer.

    She is on an immersion trip, so we get an occassional quick email (that we have to translate) but no calls.

    I will mention the movies to my husband, he will be interested. Thanks.

    • That is interesting. I did wonder if there were people who just did part of the Camino. They did not address that in either movie. Both movies are well done. I think your husband will enjoy.

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