Busy Busy

I have been busy busy busy. Finishing and quilting and embroidering and starting. Here’s what part of the studio really looks like.


I actually finished all eighteen of the “what they said” series. I will do a slide show for you soon. But I have a question. Five of them had some of the hand-dyed threads on them, and the thread colors ran. I put Shout on them, and then I ran them through the washer with a “color catcher.” Some of the offending color came out, but not all of it. Do any of you have any other ideas? Have you tried applying color-safe bleach with a Q-tip to the dye stains?

Anyway, I am very happy to have completed them. My plan is to mount them on cradled wood panels. So that part is not done. I will order some this week, to make sure my idea will work, and then I will order the rest of them.

That left the Juki free. And so I got out two almost-finished quilts. I placed the lettering on one, and then, because I had used a “brick” design on some of the ‘what they said’ quilts, that was exactly what I had been wanting to do for the quilt nearest the Juki. The verse on there refers to a crossroads. I finished quilting that today. Only needs to have a binding on it. and a sleeve 😦

By the way, I love the Juki more than ever. I love how very accurate  each stitch is. It is easy for me to exactly stitch over a line of stitching to get to the next area I need to work on.

You can see some of the panels for the Hallelujah Chorus quilt perched over there on the chair. I have almost finished the panels and the four large embroidered circles, and so this week I should be able to put the panels together into a quilt top. And then I will have to decide what the next step is. More embroidery, or machine quilting. Any which way, I am very excited to get to this next stage of the project.

I entered four quilts in Quilting in the Garden, and they were accepted. This is such a nice event, and of course, I LOVE the nursery where it is held. I am planning to take my mom to it this year, and thought it would be fun for her to see some of my quilts hanging.

And then, about that “thinkie” project. I spent a little time on it. I traced the photo on my 1/4 inch graph paper, and then went to the copy store and enlarged it 400%, which made it a 10 inch finished block. Then I spent some time drawing a pattern for it.


And made one block.


I don’t like it. I can see that the embroidery makes a tremendous difference in the appearance of the block, and choice of fabrics also is important. Anyway, I might try again, using some of my reproduction fabrics. I also drew a different design, and I am interested in trying that also…

I made the pattern because Kris had suggested that it might be a fun group project. I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but if any of you are interested in the pattern, you can email me (schnabel@volcano.net), and I will be glad to email you a copy of it.

So that’s about it for now. I started working on the rug of Noah again, and I occasionally knit or work on my Kantha blanket, just to get a little color in my life. I have more ideas for some fun color-work blocks, but they are still in the thinkie stage today 🙂

10 thoughts on “Busy Busy

  1. Wow, you are busy! Congratulations on all four quilts being in the olden Garden Show. I hope to be there so I’ll see you there!

  2. That garden show is really going to be special this year – I look forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful quilts hanging amongst all the lovely plants!

    Have you played around with the chicken towel from Back Porch yet?

  3. Debby,
    Check out Vickie Welch’s blog on typepad. She did a post about a quilt that had dye staining happen to it. Pretty much it goes like this, you put the piece into very warm soapy (I use Dawn ultra blue) water. Try to keep it in the very warm condition, let it sit in this for 12, yep 12!, hours. There is something about migrant dye and the ‘eleventh hour’ that gets it out. It really has not attached to the fabric permanently, because it wasn’t treated with soda ash, or fixative. So, it wants to come out, just needs the time and temp encouragement. I hope this helps you, as much as her blogpost helped me. Do check out her full instructions, etc.
    I like your block, maybe it just needs your ‘stitchin’ on it?

    • Wow, thanks for that information! I had Vicky’s site bookmarked because I saw some of her fabric that was gorgeous, and I wanted to buy it! I didn’t realize she had some great information on there as well. Of the five quilts I washed/soaked, 3 of them came out well. There are still two that have some stubborn thread dye on them, so I will try the 12 hour soak!

  4. I, too, was going to suggest Vicki’s site and Dawn soap. I hadn’t realized that she said warm water. Another quilter, a male whose name escapes me now, also uses Dawn with excellent results. He has the cutest dog, Teddy, and I can remembe the dog’s name but not his. He buys old tops and quilts them and then washes them and doesn’t have problems with the colors dying by using Dawn.

  5. Thanks for the update, you are not just busy, you are productive! I’m glad you mentioned your Kantha project, I’m working on a small quilt for my grand daughter’s toy stuffed animal and I’m hand stitching on it. Last night I thought to myself how it becoming ‘Kantha looking’ and I’m okay with that.

  6. Tell us more about your mid arm quilting machine is that your Juki?
    I want to buy a mid arm unsure as to what to buy.
    How long have you had it.
    Love your work by the way : )

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