what they said, a quilt series


Finally! All the quilts were finished, excess thread dye was removed, and I spent yesterday measuring, photographing and cataloguing the eighteen small quilts in the “what they said” series. My goal was to allow the words to be preeminent in each quilt. Who said the words was also important for the context. I tried to think about what each person was thinking and feeling and to convey that in the way the wording was embroidered.


The quilting was secondary. Some of the quilts have little hints at the setting behind the speech.


All of the quilts have a single block from one of my self-retreats, and Kona Snow fabric is the setting.


I was going to create a slide show of them, but after fooling around with that for a while, I realized that I could put them on a gallery page on my website so that they could easily be viewed as an entire group. You can view all the quilts in the galleries on my website. Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “what they said, a quilt series

  1. I love them all Debby! I, too, love to make quilts with scripture on them. I wish I could show you mine too! We have much in common! Your quilts are treasures!

  2. I looked at everything via your link and WOW. The subtle detail in the quilting that goes with each piece, along with the way you stitched the words (loving the wood look on that one piece) is fantastic. You should enter these in a show – people need to see them.

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