A Juki Adventure

It sounds so much better to call it an adventure, instead of a bloody nightmare, doesn’t it? When I last left you, I believe I was hopeful that Meissner’s Sewing in Sacramento was going to be able to help me. And I have to give huge kudos to Meissner’s. Within 3 minutes of calling and asking to speak to the service department, I was talking to J., a very knowledgeable service guy. Turns out, yes, they do service Juki’s, but not the long arms. And especially if they are under warranty. So it was back to the dealer that I bought it from.

I’ve decided not to name them here, because essentially I’m a nice person. But this dealership provided absolutely horrible service. In my very first call, I asked to speak to the service department, and it was an entire WEEK, and so many phone calls before that ever happened. In the mean time, there was a lot of hemming and hawing, and broken promises. And here’s the thing. On the FIRST day I spoke to a young man at that store, he said, “I’ll talk to Elbert, he knows everything about the Juki TL2200.” Read on, and remember that name.

So after I found out that Meissner’s couldn’t help me, and it became clear that I would get no help from the dealer that I bought it from, I looked once again at the Juki website for a phone number. When I had looked a few days before, there was no phone number listed, and I did send a pitiful email asking if anybody was interested in helping me. So this time (its now been a week since I first started trying to get help) I saw a phone number. I call Juki, and I ask to speak to the service department. They transfer me, and a REAL PERSON answers the phone. I explain about the alarm, and this nice patient man tells me “unplug this and this and detach this, and put the needle in the down position. Now turn the machine on and count how many beeps before it pauses.” And sure enough, it did pause, and he said, “it sounds like the motor. Now you need to call B.” And then this nice, knowledgeable man says, “I’m Elbert.” Screaming inside. A whole week ago, the dealership knew exactly who to talk to about this problem, but they just kept doing nothing.

Now, once again, I had to play phone tag/multiple emails etc., before I finally got to talk to B. Seems B. is a busy guy, and he is the only one who REPLACES THE MOTOR in this Juki. Yes, my Juki needs a new motor. And to rub salt in this wound, I believe that it needed it from the start. Remember, when I was setting the machine up, that same alarm went off. At that time, I sent an email to the Juki rep, asking about the alarm. He never answered me.

This adventure is not over yet. But the Juki IS in the mail (after MORE multiple phone calls asking for the mailing label.) B. says I’ll get the machine back in two weeks. Hahahaha. That’s two weeks of service-man’s time. I am hoping to get it back in a month.


8 thoughts on “A Juki Adventure

  1. Oh wow, that is awful! Seriously, you should tweet this and use hashtags-when it gets out there, sometimes you “all of a sudden” get amazing response. So sorry to hear about your troubles.

    • Honestly, I would do more, but I’m afraid I’ll jinx it and never see the Juki again. Juki is paying for the shipping and everything. The dealer was the worst. But they have five stores in So. California, so I doubt that my sad story is going to stop them. Part of me wishes I had gotten a machine from Meissners. But I spent a lot of time trying out different machines, and I really did like the Juki so much better.

  2. I am so irritated for you! Customer service, what’s that?? Sad that you have to work so hard to get help, on a warrantied item, no less! Fingers and toes crossed they get it fixed promptly and you are back in business.

  3. So sorry you are dealing with this! I hear more stories about people having machine issues,and frankly we spend too much money for them for th S to be happening! I hope it gets fixed quickly and this is the last problem yet have!

    • You know, I got my Janome well over 10 years ago, and have never had a problem with it. I took it in for regular servicing to Meissner’s a few times, and one time I mentioned that I lived kind of far away, and the service man took the time to show me how to clean and oil it myself! So I don’t really have any experience with sewing machine problems. Now, car problems…that’s a whole ‘nuther story 🙂

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