Selling my Work

Our church is having a little pre-Christmas boutique sale for the first time this year. I decided I would participate, because I have quite a few quilts from my early years in quilting, that I finally got quilted when I got my Juki. I had the idea to sell them reasonably so that I could donate the money to children in third world countries.

I thought about how sometimes people just want something small at a craft show. I am famous for just buying the cards that artists sometimes offer alongside their paintings. So I decided to make some smaller wall quilts. I started with some of the cross cuts blocks I’ve been making, added some borders, chose Bible verses for each one, and then machine quilted on my Janome. For the first time I used those triangle pieces on the back for hanging. Much easier than adding a sleeve by hand!

So far I’ve made five little pieces:






8 thoughts on “Selling my Work

  1. I have built in quilt hangers in my house (built into the molding in the kitchen, hall, entry) so I have not thought about hangers in years. But for gift pieces and small pieces, those triangles are really smart. And I think it is good to build them into the top and the bottom because sometimes things need a bottom weight to hang nicely. Thanks for the link. Loved all your pictures. Beautiful work.

  2. Debbie,
    I love the post. Great way of creating affordable pieces.
    Crazy question-
    Any chance you have more of the border fabric from the bottom photo. I used my one yard for the focus fabric on a queen size quilt! I know she would absolutely love a set of pillow cases. If you have 20″ by WOF or larger, and be so inclined as to sell it, I’m interested. I put a picture up on the Sept review on my blog if you’re interested in seeing it.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    • Hi Luann, I do have a bit of that left. But it is one of my all-time favorites, and I am saving it. I recently found a few pieces of it in red. Jennifer Sampou (the creator) was selling it at a local show!

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