And in the Evening…

At some point mid-day, I am usually done in the studio. Either I’ve started early in the morning, and I’m ready for my afternoon coffee break, or I stop what I’m doing and go to the gym.

After that, its time to sit in my chair and indulge in some mindless stitching. Back in July, I told you about my “obsession” with making a kantha blanket. Most of the time I stitched on this, I was thinking about how it wasn’t a very good composition, and why was I spending so much time stitching on something that I wouldn’t even like when it was done. But my BF encouraged me, saying that the stitching would pull it all together.


When I could see that an end was in sight, I stitched more consistently. It was very relaxing and enjoyable to work on. I used a very light weight cotton gauze for the “batting” and plain muslin for the backing. This made it very easy to stitch through all three layers.


You can probably see–I had one main color of thread (I ordered five spools of the #8 perle cotton in that color) and then I added bits of other colors in the turquoise range, and some oranges, and one lime green. Whatever color I chose, I carried it all the way across the blanket.


Here is the only place I changed the stitching direction, just for a bit of fun.


You can see I used mostly prints, but I made a few of my cross cut squares, and a few with circles to add to the interest.


Pretty much the whole time I worked on this, I was mad at myself for choosing muslin as the backing. How boring! But now that it is done, I like it the muslin back. I can see the stitching, I can see the “mistakes,” and I like that.


When all the stitching was done, I chose one of the multi-color fabrics to use as a binding. I sewed the binding to the back, and hand-stitched it down to the front. And then the part I like the best–I washed it! After washing it (on delicate cycle, because I wasn’t sure about those long stitches,) it is so soft and cozy. I laid it out on my bed, to see it as a whole piece, and my BF was right–the stitching pulls all those colors and prints together. I really like it. Its nice to like a project when you have spent so much time on it 🙂

19 thoughts on “And in the Evening…

  1. So glad you decided to keep on stitching on this one. It is beautiful and the colors are uplifting. You made a great choice on the binding. LOVE THIS ONE.

  2. What’s that saying about it being hard to see the forest for the trees? In this case, you tied all of the trees together and made a magnificant forest. Your BF was right, the stitching made everything work, and I love the muslin backing, but then, I’m the weirdo who turns over quilts to see the backs, so there you go.

  3. I LOVE it. I have a newfound adoration for kantha quilts, but have never dreamt of making one. Yours is so gorgeous. Are some of your circles appliqued on?

  4. I LOVE this! I know the Kantha stitching takes soooo long… I just did a little bit on my last quilt, and I liked how it turned out. I find it a soothing thing to sit and hand stitch. I like all your prints and colors too. I think it turned out great. A question though, do you pencil out the stitches or maybe a ‘starter’ stitch? I have difficulty making the stitches straight.

  5. That turned out so lovely. I can only imagine how soft it is. I’m looking forward to cooler weather so that I can get stuck into my big stitch quilting projects again. It will be awhile. Summer has just arrived.

  6. It’s beautiful I want to make one. How did you do the stitching?
    Do you use a hoop? It looks so wonderful thank you for sharing : )

    • Hi Liz! No I don’t use a hoop. Having three layers provides enough stability for the stitching. Its almost all #8 perle cotton thread.

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