Back in Business

The Juki arrived back the Friday before Thanksgiving week. My gardener (and general helper/builder/handyman) was able to come over and help me lift it back onto the table on Monday. He had helped me with the original set-up and so I was very grateful that he was able to come and help me get it back in place.

I was unreasonably nervous about working with it, and so  I planned to practice on a couple of small quilts before attempting the quilting on Hallelujah!

First, I finished the quilting on this little piece. This was made of some very small courthouse steps blocks I had made. I enjoyed making them, but after getting this far, I realized that I was never going to finish enough of these blocks (with 1/2″ finished logs) to make a whole quilt. I always loved this verse, and thought it was the perfect one to go with “courthouse steps” blocks.


Next, I dug out a really old little quilt. A long-gone dog had chewed on the edges, and I didn’t know what to do with it. Then when I looked at it again, I realized I could just cut the borders smaller, and no one would ever know a dog gnawed on it 🙂 I had fun quilting it.


So I was almost ready to start Hallelujah! But I decided I wanted some different thread for quilting. I decided to treat myself to a trip to the quilt shop after the last shot in my knee, the day before Thanksgiving. Because I was determined to start this quilting the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

Look at this wonderful fabric I found at the shop! I could not resist getting a piece of it.


And right on time, Friday morning, I made myself go out into the studio, I practiced a feather or two on a practice sandwich, and then I just went to town. I alternated outlining the lettering with making feathers.


Next I am going to fill in between the feathers with some crosshatching and some pebbles. I’m not sure what I am going to do around the lettering–thinking about some straight line quilting just to make them stand out.



11 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. Debby,
    With so many people omitting God from their everyday, it’s refreshing to read your blog and see your work. I appreciate your sharing.
    May God continue to bless the work of your hands.

  2. First off……what’s the finished size of those first 2????? The quilting looks wonderful. That fabric piece is gorgeous!!! I saw it on a Hawthorne Threads newsletter a while back and thought it would be a great addition here, also, but……………… Your “Hallelujah” quilt is fab!!!! The feathers (you know how I love feathers!!!!!!) are perfect, as are the other quilty touches!!!! Pebbles/crosshatching will set all off very well. Maybe just some very close echo stitching (around the words), blending into the rest?? Anxious to see what’s next on this one!!!!

  3. Oh Debby……the hallelujah quilt is stunning!!!! Those feathers are awesome!!!! The whole quilt is an amazing work of art. Your wording looks so beautiful too. I am wowed! Now, I have the song in my head….better is one day in Your court, better is one day in your court than thousands elsewhere. Not a bad song t have running through your head all day! Congratulations, both are great works!

    • Thank you Valerie! I am anxious to get back to it tomorrow and work on getting some of that fill in so I will have a better sense of the whole look of it!

      LOL, Yeah, I said it was a verse that I liked, but really it was the song, which came from the verse 🙂

  4. Love your Hallelujah quilt interpretation. I’m off to Hear “Messiah” in real life next week, (my annual pilgrimage) and your quilt is a timely reminder of the season before us. Trouble is, in a theatre I cannot sing along as I do in the privacy of my own home!

    • Helen, in Sacramento, they have an annual Messiah “sing-along.” I have never attended, but always wanted to. I think this will be the year to go!

      • HaHa, reminds me that I went to a “sing-along”, (People’s Messiah) once. I sat with the Altos, and they all had their choir music, and I had my words from my record (yes, record), and sang the Soprano tune an octave lower. It worked at home, not quite as acceptable in public!!

  5. yippy skippy….you’re back in business! 🙂 So glad the Juki is cooperating. Your quilting is wonderful. Hallelujah feathers are fab. And, I love your new tree fabric.

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