Stupid Sewing

A few days ago I was talking to my BF, and tried to express what I was feeling. “I don’t have any hand sewing project right now. I want to do something, but don’t seem to be able to make a decision about what to do/how to put it together. I look at artists like Judy Martin and Penny Berens, and it seems like they just work without a plan, but I know that that’s not true.” I was having trouble expressing what I wanted to say, but my BF knew just what I needed “Its time for some stupid sewing!” she said happily.

Stupid sewing. I don’t think we coined the phrase, but basically it means just sewing together fabric without a plan or any pressure to make something significant. It may or may not turn out well. But in the process you are freed up to create, and sometimes the act of creating will teach you what you need to do next.

So stupid sewing it was. I had set aside this piece of golden brown fabric, thinking that it might be nice to embroider on. And I had made a few larger yo yo’s with the new yo yo maker I got myself for Christmas. I thought that the print I used for them was just outstanding. It was a beginning.


In short order, I put together this little composition, used wool batting, muslin backing, and chose a few colors of threads, and there it was. SOMETHING I could embroider on.


Pretty fast I noticed it did not have enough color and contrast. Got out the pile of cherrywood bits and pieces and cut some small squares to add. Oh, and maybe a few smaller yo yo’s.


That’s better.

Now, one of the things I learned at Nancy Crow’s workshop is that prints are sometimes difficult. I LIKE prints. But she is right. This print on the side is somewhat distracting. It might get some stuff put on top of it. But for now it stays.

My mind is working, and I am learning things as I go. Best of all, I am happy to have SOMETHING to stitch in the evenings.


7 thoughts on “Stupid Sewing

  1. Stupid sewing…. I like that idea. It’s basically sketching out ideas but with fabric. Great way to use scraps and create.

  2. I love where your mind and hands went with that piece! The yoyos are really pretty and of course “stupid sewing” is just such a perfect descriptor for getting your imagination going.

  3. (Are your hands holding up?)

    I (55) have to space out handwork very carefully. Small amounts, many days apart. And I use a pair of needle nose pliers for anything that needs a firm tug. It is my holding hand more than my doing hand.

    My mother’s hands (76) are doing fine. I pass things on to her when I can.

    I do many more things by machine now (that I used to do by hand, like binding).

    We made a ton of bows for headbands over the holidays and I figured out how to do most of it by machine. I have changed my mindset a lot.

    I am currently sewing quilts, pillow cases, Xmas tree skirts, bows, dresses and doll clothes. With mending handed to me on a very regular basis. I am sewing down my piles.

    Have you written about your yoyo maker?

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