The Noah! rug is finished! If you knew Noah, you would know why there has to be an exclamation point after his name in the title of the rug. He is quite the dog. One of the most frustrating and most loved dogs I have ever owned. And I’ve owned a lot of dogs. If you’re interested, you can read more about him over on my other blog. Just check out the topic of Noah.

And here’s a link to my thought process when I started this rug. And a link to the start of it, with some help from my teacher at rug camp.

And here is the completed rug. Its not perfect, but its the first portrait I have ever done, and I am so pleased with how its turned out, especially his eyes. Who would have thought you could capture such expressive eyes with 1/4 inch strips of wool pushed through a linen backing?



14 thoughts on “Noah!

  1. You are so very talented. My sister does rug hooking in Canada and enters all the big shows there and in the New England States. It is a labor of love, time consuming, and you did bring life to your project. Congratulations! I love it.

  2. NOAH!!!!! Yes, I’m screaming – yay Debby, you finished it!!! I think he looks beautiful. Such a good boy, I just want to pet the rug. And him. You did a great job! And that wood floor is amazing. You are so talented!

  3. Wonderful job! Your work is to be admired. Yes, Noah’s eyes are the mirror to his soul–beautiful dog–fine execution!

  4. Wonderful. What a treat just to see it. I thought what a contrast in feeling I got from when I read the titled “Noah” post and the one before it “Stupid Sewing” Your talent just amazes me. Keep sharing with us. It is so appreciated.

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