Can’t Stop Knitting……..

I have lots to tell you about. But it seems I can’t stop knitting long enough to write a real post…

When I was in Anaheim for my rug hooking retreat, my friend Shelley wrote about a new knitting project she was working on–a blanket made out of leftover yarn and mitered squares. Before I became a quilter I spun and knit all the time, and mitered squares were one of my favorite techniques. I do still have lots of leftover yarn from my knitting days, and now I can’t stop. Just one more square….


If you haven’t tried mitered square knitting, don’t start. I’m warning you. Its addicting.

I’ll be back later to catch you up on other projects I am working on.


5 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Knitting……..

  1. Great just what I needed another project I do love
    To knit as well. I did this before I quilted also.
    I still have tons of leftover yarn stored in my garage.

  2. Squeeeeee!!!! It looks great!!! I can’t stop, either. I seem to spend too much time pondering which color yarn to put next to a square…can’t quite let myself complete freeform my blanket. Love your colors, totally understand your “problem” HA!

    • I knew you’d understand 🙂 I spend a little time thinking about what color will go next to the other, but even though I’ve got a lot of yarn, it doesn’t seem like I have enough choices. A lot of multi-color yarn (koigu) I feel like I need some solid colors.

      • That’s exactly where I’m at! Before I began this project, I thought I had tons of yarn. Now, not so much. But I’ve been getting creative with my striping yarn, using certain colors to go next to others. I’ll make it work, by golly!

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