When I returned home from Empty Spools, I had a couple of projects that I had left mid-stream, and I went back to work on those. Once those were well under way, I went back, determined to finish my project from Katie’s Artful Log Cabins class. Yesterday I finished the piecing and made the quilt sandwich, and today I completed the quilting, and put the binding on. Gotta love a 30″ X 40″ quilt. Even with dense quilting, it moved right along.

I don’t think its a masterpiece, but I am pleased with the finished product. I think it reflects my garden well, and I will enjoy looking at it for a while.

I did try Katie’s method of grid quilting block by block, and I did enjoy that.


I am especially pleased that I made the decision to change the quilting in two areas–the reflective opening of the imaginary cathedral window, and pebble quilting to imitate the flower shapes of the white flowers. Oh, and you might notice that I circled the one little ladybug that showed up on the quilt 🙂


I had enough pre-cut strips to use as the binding! And, I definitely over-cut the amount of strips I needed for class. I am thinking about making some regular  log cabin blocks with the leftovers. It might be fun to experiment with them.

9 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Dear Debby, My sister once said to me “you are clever, why do you take classes”. I could say the same to you. I like your Katie inspired Log Cabin quilt, but I have seen just as wonderful quilts from your own mind and body and soul. I think sometimes we need to trust ourselves and go with our own intuition Thank you for your continuing inspiration. Cheers, H xxx

    • Helen, this is something I think about a lot, and discuss with my BF. I agree with you. I think that sometimes taking an occasional class can prompt new ways of creating. But for the most part, I have so many ideas that you are right, I don’t need to take classes. Thank you so much!

    • Yes, I think so. I am also thinking about different ways that I could have created the picture image that I might like better.

      • You sound like me when I’m finished with a knitting project…at first, I’m thrilled. Then I start figuring out how I could have done it different/better. I guess that’s why we keep starting new projects, right?

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