Good News

While I was at Empty Spools, I got an email that two of my quilts had been accepted into the Sacred Threads exhibit! I was very excited. But when I read which two had been accepted (I entered four,) I was surprised, and then a little sad. My Hallelujah! quilt, that I worked on for so long last year, was not one of the two accepted. And then, of course, I started to doubt myself. Its just a stupid quilt with a lot of words on it. It has no artistic merit.

Fortunately, I had the quilt with me, and so I rolled it out on the bed, and thought, I still like it! Who knows why some quilts are accepted, and others are not. I am glad about the two that were accepted, as they have rather limited possibilities, as fas as exhibition goes.

The Fire Quilt was accepted:


“On a Wednesday in September 2015, the Butte Fire roared through our mountain community. Homes were destroyed, and many, including myself, were evacuated. Extremely dry conditions made it difficult to contain. After a few days, I came home to ash-filled air. The fire was still not contained, but my house was safe. On Sunday, I made my way to church. The church was closer to the fire, and the building was smoky. But the church was filled, and several families whose houses had burned to the ground were there. We worshipped together, culminating with the Doxology. It was such a moving experience, I wanted to commemorate it with a quilt.”



And “His Kingdom Will Never End” was accepted:


“The inspiration for this quilt came out of my frustration with some of my fellow Christians, who seem to forget that His kingdom will never end, and think that its up to them to “fight” to keep it going. Other people choose to ignore God and His kingdom. It does not matter. All around the world, His kingdom continues to appear and grow. HIS KINGDOM WILL NEVER END.”



Some more good news! Do you remember when I entered a few of my quilts in Quilting in the Garden, held in September at one of my favorite nurseries?


Well, when I picked up the quilts, the woman that coordinates the show told me how much she enjoyed my embroidered quilt, and asked if I ever taught. Now, I don’t want to teach all the time, but Alden Lane Nursery is one of my favorite places to visit, and I also have really enjoyed taking classes there. They do a quality job of coordinating the class, and it is a beautiful location, of course.


So, long story short, I am going to teach there in September, on the Friday before the quilt show. And, I am to be a guest artist, and will have a display of my quilts in their greenhouse. I am so excited about this. Its hard to think about anything besides embroidery on quilts…. which is one reason why I don’t want to teach all the time. There’s not enough time left for artistic endeavor. I was glad to read Judy Martin‘s thoughts on this. I felt validated in my thinking. But teaching once or twice a year is energizing. It challenges me to go one step further, thinking “what if?”

If you have been thinking about trying quilted embroidery, I hope you will join me at Alden Lane Nursery on Friday, September 22!


18 thoughts on “Good News

  1. WOW! It really is hard to believe your Hallelujah quilt was not chosen! While all of your quilts are my favorites, that one has a very special place in my heart. It’s so pure! HOWEVER, congratulations on being recognized and chosen for Sacred Threads anyway! WOW! I just may have to travel there to see them. Keep the faith and thank you for the gifts HE has given you.

  2. It really depends on who is on the committee for choosing art – I can see why they chose the two that they did, but yeah…that has to feel weird to not have your most special quilt picked. Maybe for another show?

    WOW and CONGRATULATIONS (yes I am shouting through the internet) on being asked to teach, display, and be a guest artist at the workshop!!! I know you love that place and it’s really wonderful that they love you back! That is so cool!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, overall, I am really happy that those two quilts will be seen, because I like both of them a lot. It does feel weird, though, that neither of them features my embroidery!

      Thanks for shouting! I really am very excited about getting to teach and share my quilts at Alden Lane.

  3. Jurying is always a mystery but I am thrilled two of your pieces will show! And congrats on the plum teaching gig!! Lots of well deserved good news for you.

  4. Congrats Debby! And don’t worry about the Hallelujah. It is a wonderful quilt. Wall of Sound was rejected about six times, and then it went on to be in a magazines and books and win awards. You never know. I wish I could take your embroidery class!

    • Wow, that is hard to believe–I love that quilt Wall of Sound. But it is also encouraging to me. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. Debby, you depicted the coloration in the scene of “The Fire Quilt” so perfectly. You kept adding to it and stopped at the right time. Those fires were so devastating all over the West and so visible yet!! I can see how that one was chosen. Congrats!!

  6. How fabulous and great job on all fronts! I love all your work but I think I like the cross one – His Kingdom – the best. Oh, and nice quilting on the one from Katie’s class.

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