Projects and Project Boxes

I am a multiple project type of gal. I like having multiple projects to work on. But sometimes I get carried away and the projects multiply faster than I can work on them. And that can be overwhelming. That’s when the project boxes come in handy. I can put some of the projects neatly away for a bit. They are all ready for when the mood strikes, but they are not laying around making me feel guilty for the way I choose to work.


Recently I saw a tiny picture somewhere. It was just a simple quilt, a kind of a square in a square, and I thought, that would be a neat way to use my kantha stitching. It seemed to be a scrappy quilt, and the main square was large with the outer square being more of a frame (where I would embellish with kantha stitching.) Here, like this:


So I went out and went through my stash, and had great fun cutting out hunks of all my favorite fabrics, and then carefully cutting them into 6 inch squares. I have enough to make each block a different fabric!


As I cut the squares, I had great fun re-visiting old and new favorite fabrics. It occurred to me that this is a great idea for a memory quilt. So many memories are attached to my fabric–where I was when I bought it, who I was with, and sometimes even the quilts that I have made with the fabric.

Here are some of the other projects I am working on presently. And even more are in project boxes…

Here is the piece that I showed you bits of previously. I have to take long breaks with this one to figure out what I want to do next. So far, each time it seems like “adding more” is the best solution…


I got out the ten little pieces that I intended for the “Characteristics of God” series. I am making them into sandwiches and embroidering the words on them.


And in the evenings, this one seems to have taken preeminence, because it is so enjoyable to stitch on with that DMC Coton Floche thread. I choose one block to work on, and then choose the threads that I want to use. It usually takes an evening to stitch one block.



6 thoughts on “Projects and Project Boxes

  1. I always find your work inspiring, and I love the circular Kantha stitching. You inspired me to start doing Kantha stitching. You have a good solution for your WIPs… we all know you do complete lots of quilts, so it’s okay to have WIPs laying around. I try not to have more than one unfinished project, but sometimes I just have to take a break from a large project and do something different, fun, and easy. I’m taking a break right now from a large quilt and making a patchwork of sort casserole pad or hot pad, it could be used for either, it looks really nice. I used a combination of fabrics that I wouldn’t have used before.

  2. I should adopt your project box idea for my knitting – it might make me feel more organized, like I’m just setting you aside (I’m looking at YOU, cardigan) for a little while, rather than have it stuffed in a bag with extra yarn floating around in my yarn cart.

    Also, that Kantha piece is amazing. I agree, it IS saying “add more” please. Mostly because you come up with the neatest little extras – the little solid geometric bits tucked here and there are so cool. And of course you know I love your Kantha circles. ::swoon::

  3. Deb….the Kantha quilt is just unbelievably beautiful. This one is competition worthy….glad to see what you’ve been doing lately. mickie

  4. I just found your blog and love your embroidery. You say you use #3 and #5 perle cotton. What kind of needle do you use? I have a hard time finding a needle that works with them — if the eye is big enough, then the needle isn’t sharp enough.

    • Hi Maddie. I use#5 and#8 perle cotton. My favorite needles are a#24 chenille needle. It has a large eye and a very sharp point. When I use that needle, I use the Lo-ran needle threader. But the needle I use most often with the#8 perle cotton is a self threading needle. The eye is just right to pop the#8 thread through. Have fun!

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