Another Finish

This is just another quilt in my big box of unfinished quilt tops. This one took quite a while to get quilted. Not only did I do a lot of quilting on it, but I put it aside while I worked on “My Flower Garden.”


I put a lot of thought into how I would quilt this. I did a camellia-type flower in the center of each block, and then surrounded that with some straight line quilting.


I did this pattern of swirls and hearts over all the rest of the center of the quilt.


And finally finished the border with feathers. I LOVE the fabric in this border.


I used muslin for the back. You can see the quilting pattern a lot better on it.


But the thing I learned (again) is that when a quilt top is so full of busy prints, it doesn’t really matter how you quilt it–it just looks like generalized quilting after you wash it! (all these pictures were taken pre-washing.)

5 thoughts on “Another Finish

  1. So true…..’busy’ fabric has a tendency to hide quilt motifs BUT it’s, also, the perfect opportunity to try out/perfect some of hose motifs you’re a tad hesitant to do in more plain sections. This ‘finish’ is wonderful……..for being a more ‘mod’ piecing, the ‘feel’ is like a Monet watercolor (at least from the photos) and gives quite a peaceful mood. I think that laundering/drying a quilt just elevates it to a higher level!!!!

  2. I can see why you love the border as well – it’s a soothing blend of soft colors that just screams (wait, that isn’t soothing) er, whispers RELAX. 🙂

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