Hexie Holidays


I think I mentioned before that I’d been working on a hexi project. It turned out to be the perfect project to work on in the evening during the holidays. They are 3/4 inch English Paper Piecing hexis. I ran into some trouble when I tried to do separate pieces and they wouldn’t fit together. It seems impossible, but true. I finally figured out that I was putting some together clockwise, and others counterclockwise. Still, they’re all hexies, they SHOULD fit together. Anyway, that made me paranoid and I decided that I just had to work on putting them all together in one piece. The bigger the piece got, the harder it was to work with. One day in church I got an idea to make a quilt out of them called “I’m Done!”

But they were still in a very weird sorta diamond shape. Not what I envisioned for my new idea. So I put the piece up on the design wall and put my hexies just so to make it the shape I wanted–kind of an amoeba shape. Surprisingly, it was fairly easy to take it up and down off of the design wall and add the extra shapes. I pinned each one carefully with a safety pin so that there was no doubt about where it went and how it needed to fit together.

So here’s my semi-final composition. I still need to decide on a backing fabric, and put it back up on the design wall (thus the picture 🙂 )


In the meantime, I also am working on a kantha blanket. Its just a large print of trees that I really liked, put together with some other really pretty fabrics that I had in my stash.


I’ve progressed much farther than this (just doing straight kantha stitching) and the edges were starting to bug me. I used cotton gauze for the middle of the sandwich instead of batting (to mimic how actual kantha stitching is done). It made the edges very flimsy. So I put the binding on it! Much nicer.

I have so many projects that I am working on right now. Mostly just for fun, and finishing some series, making more quilt sandwiches and doing more quilting. I’ll be back later in the week to share some of these projects!


10 thoughts on “Hexie Holidays

  1. I love the hexies! they look so happy! It’s going to be a great quilt!
    I love the kantha quilt, too – it’s very serene. You are SO inspiring!
    Also – glad to know you’re doing a LOT better with your knee and exercising. Also inspiring!

  2. WOW to your hexi project. I’ve been working on a “double diamond” 1″ hexi project for 5 years! I have about 20 DD made, and someday will think about joining them all with a connecting color. Love your Kantha quilt. That is a new to me type project and I am interested in how it turns out. Do you mark your lines for stitching?

    • The straight line kantha stitching is very relaxing. Usually there are a few seams that I can use as markers. And sometimes I use the quilters masking tape to make a line or two. But otherwise I just keep stitching about 1/4″ apart following the previous line. If I get off-kilter, there are the occasional partial lines to fill in. But its not noticeable.

  3. Whoa, those hexies are so charming! I just adore that quilt!! Your issue with them not fitting is the kind of thing that vexes me so much – it’s like, seriously, how is this not working both directions? Keeps you on your toes, but I might have chucked the thing across the room, LOL. Still, I’m glad you persevered because the end result is so amazing.

    • Thanks Shelley! Now that you mention it, its a little like trying to make the edge triangles on the entrelac projects, isn’t it. Why do you have to make the triangles one way on one side and a different way on the other side?!

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