Does everybody know that January is rug hooking month for me? I go to Anaheim for a rug hooking retreat at the end of the month. For a long time I just didn’t know what I was going to work on. Then the phrase “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills” popped into my mind. I know the phrase from an old Sunday School song. Anyway, I consulted my brother, who knew the whole song, and then pointed out to me that it was in the Bible, and I knew I wanted to hook this. I had the fun idea of looking up cattle from all over the world, and hooking one large cow on each hill (obviously it would not be to scale.) I googled cattle, and found eight different cows I wanted to include in the rug.

Here’s the inspiration for it:

The Lord, the Mighty One, is God,
    and he has spoken;
he has summoned all humanity
    from where the sun rises to where it sets.
From Mount Zion, the perfection of beauty,
    God shines in glorious radiance.
For all the animals of the forest are mine,
    and I own the cattle on a thousand hills.
I know every bird on the mountains,
    and all the animals of the field are mine.
(The Message— the scampering field mice are my friends.)
Then one day I was driving down the road and I saw a scene I see so many times, and thought, wouldn’t it be great to use the hills right around where I live for the scenery? So one day I stopped on the side of the road, hiked up to the top of the hill, and took this picture. I swear it looks prettier from my car, but this would work.
I had taken another picture of the hills that included a field in the foreground, so I spliced that into the hill picture. I am going to add a small forest to the side of the field, and a lone wolf will represent “the animals of the forest.” Three mice will be “the animals of the field.” But I can draw those in later. I will have plenty to work on for this retreat.
I googled Mount Zion, and this was the first image that came up. I don’t even know if its the real Mt. Zion, I just liked it. It was just like I imagined it in my mind.
 Then it was time to draw the pattern and get it enlarged so I could put it on my linen backing. That’s when it got HARD. In the middle of trying to figure out how to get the basic line drawing of the hills onto a piece of paper I almost gave up. I thought, I’m just going to buy a pattern and do that. This is just too hard to figure out. But that’s when I remember that sometimes I just have to sit and think. And then I remembered my clear plastic! And I already had some in my closet. Easy peasy! I fooled around a bit to make the drawing square. Then I was off to the copy place to have it enlarged 300%. That makes it super easy to trace onto the linen.
I know. this looks so simple. How could I have almost given up?
I got ambitious and figured out how to re-size the cattle on my copier, and drew them on the plastic, and then placed them just so on the linen (that already had the hills drawn on it–that’s why there are hill lines through some of the cattle.) I’m so happy to have this much done!
And here’s my pattern, all drawn and ready for my retreat! This is going to be fun!

8 thoughts on “Hard

  1. You have developed a beautiful concept and design for your rug. Your process for creating and transferring the design will be ‘tucked’ away by me for future reference. Please keep us posted about the size hook and the wools you use. Enjoy your retreat!

    • Oh I will include updates! I only use one hook–it is a Gene Shepherd bent hook, meant for larger cuts. I generally use a 6 or 8 cut. But I am thinking about going with a smaller cut for this, just so I can get more details.

  2. Debbie,
    I love your blog. Every time I happen to read it (sometimes at least 6 months between reads) I just know we’d be friends if we lived close 😊.
    I have never made a comment. But, this morning, I knew I must. I’ve been reading about seeing the wonder in all God’s creation (including a read at 3am this morning as I couldn’t sleep). Then I wake to read your blog. The perfect beginning of a new day!
    Cows are one of my favorite animals. Amazing family creatures.
    Thank you for sharing from your heart and giving God the glory!

    • I would have a cow if I lived on a bigger piece of property! Isn’t it cool how God sometimes coordinates our experiences like that! thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

    • Of course! That’s actually the first cow that I thought of. There are a couple of small herds around here. I always love seeing them.

  3. This rug is going to be fantastic, I can see that already. I love your inspiration verse(s) and those verses are something I needed to read this morning as they relate to a trial I and my siblings are going through. Looking forward to updates!

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