A Busy Fun January

I’ve just been doing a variety of fun projects this month. Finishing some very old projects and playing with some new ones. This is a quilt top I finished a LONG time ago. Its so pretty, and I finally made a sandwich and got it quilted and bound. I don’t think you can see, but the squares are put on there raw edge, so there is a bit of raggedness to it, which I think adds to the charm. I know I did this from a pattern, so that’s how I know it was a long time ago.


You all know about my box of 2″ squares, right? Well one day in church I doodled this. It seemed like it might be a fun way to use up some of those squares. But then I realized it might be a bit harder to piece than I imagined. One night I dreamed about it all night (that’s what it seemed like) but by the morning I knew how it needed to be made. So I tried it out. This is about a 16 inch block. I’m thinking about making either 5 or 9 of them to make a big 9 patch throw.


Then I had made all these “sparkly” blocks a long time ago with a lot of hand dyed fabrics and some other commercial fabrics. I had them all put away neatly in a project box. But the thrill was gone. I didn’t really want to make a lot more of these blocks. So I came up with the idea of setting them into a blackish background. Luckily for me, Joann’s had just the right black sparkly fabric.


Its always a bit of a puzzle to piece these things together. It took a couple of days, but finally it was done. I had enough of the sparkly fabrics left in the project box to piece a background together.


My friend who has been working on this home for women recovering from drug addiction (remember I donated a couple of quilts for this) had an open house Saturday. It was fun to see my quilts in the setting.


I finally got out my owl rug hooking and started working on that this week, just to make sure I still knew how to hook loops. I do.

6 thoughts on “A Busy Fun January

  1. Finishing up UFO’s is a very worthy project. So easy for them to accumulate. Sometimes I find things I don’t even remember making. . .

  2. WOW !! You have had a busy month. I am overrun with 2″ squares; and oh those projects in boxes from classes taken, and stored away. Your 2″ project is intriguing, and makes me think “log cabin” or “pictures being unrolled”. I love it.

    • Oh there’s so many fun things you can do with two inch squares! That said, I did recently go through my two boxes and thinned it out to one. Some of the squares were getting a little worn from being looked through so much.

  3. That first quilt is so pretty (and not just because the perfect dog is posing on it, although that does ratch up the beauty quite a bit). Love the colors, love the ragged edges…just perfect!

    I like seeing your creative process as you figure out your blocks and such – it has emboldened me to make changes with my knitting, especially when something just doesn’t feel right. Knowing that you do this, and don’t always hit on the perfect scenario the first go-round, makes me feel OK when I’m futzing over and over with something.

    • Haha. When I read your comment, I kept thinking, I don’t think I included a dog in any of my recent quilts? I like that quilt too. And instead of folding it up and putting it away, I put it on my table as a tablecloth so I can enjoy it!

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