Christmas is a Time to Finish Things!

I notice I have this pattern at Christmas. I like to finish things. So far I have knit four scarves from my handspun yarn for gifts. Not just knit them, but I blocked them too! And then I decided I had delayed finishing this Christmas quilt for too long. so I just went out there and finished the quilting. I put a binding on it, and then it needed a lot of blocking because of the embroidery in the middle. I’m not 100% sure that I accomplished what I was trying to achieve with this quilt.


If you remember, the embroidery was done with the Cottage Threads perle cotton from Australia.

Here are some close-ups:

The lettering:


Embroidered motifs:



I added a little embroidery to the trees and “rocks”:



And, I finished my Kantha blanket! The running stitches are about 1/2 inch apart. I also put two lines of turquoise thread 1/4 inch apart about every six inches, just to add some interest. The rest of the quilt was stitched with some variegated silk thread that I bought at a weaver’s convention!



Oh, and most importantly, at Christmas time I always feel pressured to try to finish my rug that I started this past February. I would like to share it FINISHED when I go to my rug hooking thing this February, but I’m afraid there is a lot that is still unfinished. I wrote “make a cow” for three or four weeks on my weekly to-do list. Somehow I get afraid of rug hooking when I don’t do it consistently. But finally, I DID make a cow :))


I also hooked the entire hillside behind her. It took several mornings to finish that.

If I don’t write again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a very merry and blessed Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Christmas is a Time to Finish Things!

  1. Hello Debby…Thank you for sharing these inspirational lovelies. You did a great job on that cow too. Blessings to you for the holiday and the coming year. mickie

  2. Yep, it’s a cow! Isn’t it annoying when fear keeps us from doing things?! I really like your names of God piece!! Blessings to you. Immanuel! Karen

  3. Funny how some things become hugely undoable…and then we manage to do them. Your cow looks very cow-like and believe me, I see a lot of cows so I know what I’m talking about!

  4. Your first quilt is so detailed, it’s beautiful. I really like the Kantha stitched quilt, your site is the first place I learned about Kantha stitching. Kantha quilts are a good way to use prints and colors we might not think to combine and the end result does look ‘exotic’ (I think), love the bird print. Hooked rug is coming along nicely, the hills are lovely.

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