Very Exciting, Very Fun!

If I get a tax return, I usually buy myself a little gift. This year I bought some fiber from Three Waters Farms. I really liked this color way, so I bought 8 ounces of it.


There is a cardigan that I like on Ravelry, and I decided I would like to make it. You can see that it uses various yarns.


So I thought that I would dye some turquoise fiber and spin that, and also mix it with the Three Waters Farms color way. But so far I’m not very motivated to go out and dye some fiber. So one day I went out to my storage shed to see if I already had some dyed turquoise fiber. And I couldn’t believe my eyes. I already had 8 ounces of turquoise fiber spun up in to yarn! And, I had these two other light and dark turquoise fibers.


I might dye that turquoise yarn into a darker turquoise. And yesterday, because I had a cold, I basically just sat and spun all day (no thinking required.) So I held the light and dark turquoise fiber together and spun a variegated yarn.


Quilting is continuing on, and a little rug hooking. But I am really excited about knitting a sweater again.

3 thoughts on “Very Exciting, Very Fun!

  1. Sorry about the cold….my Brother and SIL are sick, too. Your sweater is going to be gorgeous. I envy all your space to do your crafts. Once I had a house with a big studio in Rescue. I loved it and miss it still. Now I have just under 500 sq ft. But no mortgage! Barb

  2. I’ve said it before but you are so creative with your color choices and I cannot wait to see how your sweater turns out! Also, knitting a sweater, eeeeee! That’s a big project. I’m in the middle of knitting one and working hard on the mental game to see it through – if it fits well, I might just make another one with better yarn.

  3. Hi Debby…you sure know how to set a fire under your followers. LOL Can’t decide whether to sew, cook or garden today. But after seeing your post, anything I undertake will be perfect as long as I’m doing something creative. Can’t wait to see this sweater…keep us posted as you are making progress. LOVE THE COLORS….need to see those dogies in your photos. (smile)

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