Still Hooking

I am much encouraged by the progress I have made on my rug, and I’ve decided that there is a chance that I will finish it by the Biennial Celebration in Long Beach at the end of September, so I am going to make rug hooking my priority for the next month. That means quilting goes on the back burner. This worries me a bit, but sometimes taking a little break brings some clarity in the direction your work is taking.

Here is the “fish” part of the rug, with the sky filled in. I knew I was running short of the mottled pale blue and white wool, and so drew a line in close to the sea. Originally I thought that I would fill in with sunset or sunrise colors. But as soon as I drew the line, I knew that that was where the “distant ocean” needed to be, so that is being filled in with a deep dark mottled blue. So fun to make discoveries like this.


And here is all the mottled blue wool that I had leftover!


Some close-ups:




And to keep my hand in quilting, I have this little quilt that I have been working on:


All the mosaic pieces are hand-stitched with perle cotton in blanket stitch. I love the way it looks, but it is time consuming. A lot more will be added to this quilt. I think that I will be doing a lot of beading on it too.


Oh, and I started this idea of doing a value study quilt only in neutrals, using some of the strip piecing techniques I learned from Nancy Crow.


Beginning blocks:


As I asked my BF: exactly WHY am I working in neutrals, when I love color so much? Still, I think it might be an interesting learning project, so I might do a bit of this in between the hooking!