Double Wedding Ring

I thought I had shared this before, but evidently not.  This is a technique I came up with after several dismal attempts at the double wedding ring pattern.  I tried several different methods, both traditional and modern, and failed at all of them.  After staring at the modern pattern for a while, I thought, why wouldn’t this work?  Sure enough, I made a few samples, and it worked just fine.  This technique was the perfect ‘recovery project’ for my carpal tunnel surgery!  I made myself a little kit of pre-cut 12 inch background squares, and little 2″ squares to form the “rings.”  I think I’ll do a later post on exactly how I do this.  But essentially, I just pin the squares in place to form the rings, and then raw edge zig zag them in place.  I have made several of these, and have washed them several times, and they hold up just fine!  It is really very fun.

This is the first one I made.  After it was finished, I had the thought “After the Wedding.”  After the wedding, the reality of married life starts.  Its kind of messy, from what I hear.  So I decided to ‘mess up’ my double wedding ring quilt.  I ended up putting words on top of the sheer silk circles.  I consulted with my brother for words that work for and against a good marriage.  So it is apropos that I ended up giving this quilt to his oldest daughter as a wedding present.




hope and love:


detail shot:

love never gives up:

Those spirals on the quilt are simply skinny strips of fabric that I raw edge zig zagged on the quilt.  And the last thing I added was some bits of lace.  Because every wedding includes a bit of lace, doesn’t it?