Stupid Sewing

Stupid sewing. That’s a term my BF and I first heard on The Quilt Show. Marsha McCloskey used it to describe the sewing she did when she was too tired to work on an intensive project.

So the other day I showed you these leftover blocks that I had arranged on the design wall. Not too interesting.


But THEN, the next day, I was having window washers come over. (This was the first time I’ve ever had this done, and I thoroughly recommend it. Even when I tried  to wash my windows, it was half-assed at best.) Anyway, I had to move things away from the windows. And that meant clearing off my sewing table 😦 And what did I find but a stack of little blocks made from my Cherrywood hand dyed scraps!


A wonderful session of stupid sewing ensued! I had fun rearranging these blocks. I added skinny strips of black where needed, and then I decided to add the orange zig zag through the piece. I looked around for something to make a border with, and found this Lonni Rossi print that I’ve had forever. It never seemed to work anywhere else, but I think it makes an interesting border for this piece.


Heading out to the studio now to make a quilt sandwich and then stitch in the ditch around all the little pieces.