Two More Rugs

I finished two rugs in two days. Of course, one of them was almost finished. I just had to put the finishing touches in the cave. I started the other one at the beginning of February.  Anyway, I am going to take a little break from rug hooking, since I am coughing so much. Its embarrassing, especially since everybody is thinking about the coronavirus. I already went to the doctor to check it out. My lungs are fine. I’m just allergic to the wool dust.

Anyway, here are the rugs:


IMG_E0286.jpgMy advanced quilted embroidery class will be held at The Cotton Patch in Lafayette on May 8 and 9. See previous entry to see the quilts I will be teaching. 

7 thoughts on “Two More Rugs

  1. As always, your work is just beautiful!

    Also, glad you went to the doctor and especially glad to hear it was a wool dust allergy and not Coronavirus. You should knit for a while. Only danger there is sitting on a DPN, LOL.

    • I have two small knitting projects going. And a big quilt that I am hand quilting. Also two quilts in the studio that I am working on!

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