A Tapestry turned into a Quilt

Last fall, when I went to New Mexico to learn tapestry weaving, I drew a very complex pattern. Then when I got home, I decided that I had enough hobbies, and decided not to follow up on the tapestry weaving. But I kept looking at that picture that I had drawn, and decided that it would make a great quilt.

So I ordered almost all of Jennifer Sampou’s sky fabric, and turned it into this quilt. After I did all the circles, I decided that I would put outlines of leaves in the square spaces. Here is the quilt:


And here are a few close-ups:






This was a fun quilt to work on. I decided that I would kantha stitch all the backgrounds, using thread that was similar to the color of the fabric.

11 thoughts on “A Tapestry turned into a Quilt

  1. Very pretty. Love the colors. I always love your handwork/embellishment.

    I envy that you can still do handwork (I have arthritis and my thumbs have a lot of trouble).

    How are the dogs and the chickens and the garden?

    • Oooh, so glad you used the design for a quilt. Your hand stitching is awesome. Laughed at “enough hobbies”. Every hobby has its own tools and supplies and becomes another road to obsession.

  2. Loved this. Wondering how you planned odd shaped “blocks” to work so well. Have a series of odd blocks and don’t know how to lay them out in a pleasing way.

  3. WOW….love this quilt so much. You never cease to amaze me with your creations. Keep Sharing. HUGS for you

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