I started quilting about 10 years ago. Before that I always did plenty of handwork–needlepoint, cross stitch, spinning and knitting, a little weaving, and some rug hooking. I started with traditional quilting, which I still enjoy, but I found that I was attracted to various types of art quilting. Since retiring in 2011 (from my career as a NICU nurse) I have been able to work full time on art quilting. It has been a real blessing to be able to work consistently on my art.

I live alone (well, with four dogs!) in a small cabin in the Sierra Foothills. My cabin is my studio! I have my sewing/quilting table and fabric storage in what used to be the dining room. My design wall is in the bedroom (really only a few feet away from the dining room.) And I do a lot of hand stitching in my big easy chair in the living room.


I enjoy writing a bit, and taking pictures, and have had a blog on healthy living and weight loss for about four years. You can read more about that side of my life here. I found that I was including more and more about my quilting on that blog, so I started a quilt blog, mostly to journal about the process and projects that I am currently working on. Recently I was given the opportunity to write for The Quilt Show as their “healthy living quilter.” Its all been tremendous fun, sharing my life with others I might never have met.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello I came across your site when looking for Inspiration. I too love God and use hand embroidery and just not been able to think what I can make in that way. I have made one quilt with a cross which won a 3rd place in our quilt exhibition but I have to tell you that I can relate to your work and you have certainly inspired me. Thank you!

  2. Is your sewing machine set in a banquet table? The is what I am using but want to get my machine down so it is level with the table. I an considering having a hole cut to fit.

    • No, it was an industrial strength table that was made for a sewing table. I found them online. They cut the hole for my specific machine, and also made it the exact height that I requested. I love it. I did look around, and I didn’t find it. Melodie Johnson also has the same table (fibermania.com) She might remember where she got it. Good luck!

  3. I love your work and hope you will be having an exhibit again……I will do my best to attend if you do! Everyone who views your work is blessed. It kinda reminds me of the work of Sister Corrita Kent back in the ’60’s but you are probably too young to remember her. Her work was silk screened tho.

    • Well, thanks Karen! No, I did not know the work of Sister Corita Kent, but I looked her up–very interesting work. I will be having another exhibit at Oak Hills Church in Folsom next spring. It will be during the “lenten season” leading up to Easter, and we are planning to include quilts from the Psalms series, and some from “the Signature of Jesus” series. I am excited about the opportunity to do that.

  4. Debby- your 2015 work is very inspirational. You are so unique and prolific, although I doubt you think so. I am amazed at the variety and professionalism of your work. I can’t seem to make the “follow” work on your blog, so I just drop in from time to time. So glad you share your work, thanks

  5. Hey, Debby! I tried to call you up through my email by typing “debby” and found that you have gone missing from my address book. It may be because a couple of years ago I changed over to gmail. Write me at debrasy105 at gmail dot com. I have another paper to send you, but it won’t exhaust you like the last one I inflicted on you. I think you’ll actually like this one. The last one was a more nascent in-process theology. This one is . . . something else, and a lot shorter! It was my final paper in seminary. I just graduated yesterday and am now the Saturday and PRN chaplain for Saint Luke’s South Hospital in Overland Park, KS (a suburb of Kansas City).

  6. Hello — are you the Debby Schnabel who used to sell spinning fiber at CNCH? It was such wonderful luxurious stuff, and I wish I’d been rich enough then to buy more …

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