Two Finished Quilts

Here is a quilt that I worked on for a very long time. It is basically one piece of fabric with a large pattern. I decided to use the kantha stitching for the motifs, and then use cross stitch to fill in the blank spaces.





And here is the finished wool appliqué quilt that I worked on during the Covid 19.


All the little pink squares are cut out of the big print around the border. On purpose I did not quilt it heavily. I did that on one quilt and it wasn’t that pleasant to sleep under. I will look forward to sleeping under this quilt next winter!

Close-ups. I made this daffodil myself.



10 thoughts on “Two Finished Quilts

  1. I know I responded on Instagram, but again, I can’t get over how your first piece looks like a rug! Both of your finished projects are beautiful – and I love love love that you really use your quilts. I’d probably lay them across my bed but fold them up before bedtime, LOL.

  2. The second quilt should be turned into a pattern. Great job. I LOVE all of your kantha stitched pieces. Did you use raw edged applique or turned under. Looks like lovely wall hanging for MY wall. Thanks for sharing these.

    • That was a pattern, but it was from a long time ago. So I just tried to copy the flowers from a fuzzy pattern. Wool doesn’t need to be turned under because it is slightly felted. Very fun to work with.

  3. I like both quilts, however the wool applique really caught my eye. It is breathtaking. You have inspired me to pull out my wool.

  4. Debby, you have a style and eye uniquely your own! I really think I’d recognize something of yours if I ran across it somewhere. They are both lovely. I’ve looked at the flowers closely and with much difficulty decided my fav is the 3rd one on the 2nd row, followed by the one to the right of it. I must like that blossom shape. Not that you asked. Lol.

    Was it hard to limit your quilting having your nice quilting machine?

  5. The Kantha stitching quilt is Mesmerizing. I love all your creative work. A little ray of sunshine for today.

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