This Week’s Work

I finished the stitching on this piece, inspired by the verse “every good thing given comes down to us from God our Father who created all the lights in the heavens.” I truly enjoyed every stitch.


And in between, I continued to work on machine quilting P.I.N.K. I decided I could do each block differently. It keeps it from being boring. Only 6 more blocks to go!



Most of my time was spent making all of these blocks. I used up just about all of my Cherrywood fabrics, so that is as big as I can make it. I picked out a background color, and I am now just thinking about how I want to put all these different sized blocks together, and how much or how little background I want to have showing.


And I just finished putting a sleeve on the back of this quilt. I got a call last week from a lady who had seen my exhibit at the Oak Hills Church. She was interested in having me make a quilt for them to use when they have a worship service at the nursing home they visit each Sunday. I offered to let her borrow a quilt indefinitely, and they chose this one. I am always happy to share my quilts and have them seen by others. If your group or church is interested in displaying some of my quilts, please contact me.


Several other projects are just waiting their turn, so I am sure next week will be another busy one in the studio. Just the way I like it!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Work

  1. I’m kind liking how your Cherrywood blocks are right now-wonky and fun. Your top quilt is beautiful, calming so full of texture-divine.

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