Be Filled With Joy!

I finished this little green and pink piece, even though I had misgivings about my color choice after starting it. It is a lot of stitching for something that doesn’t really have that “pop.” But I enjoyed the stitching, and I think it represents the simple message “Be Filled with Joy!”


Some close-ups of the stitching. I still choose to stay with the simplest of stitches–straight stitches in different combinations (running, outline, satin, etc,) lazy daisy, and french knots. There are probably about 30 colors of “pinkish” threads in this piece, in perle cotton, sizes 3, 5, 8, and 12.





I decided to add leaves in the empty spaces.



My wish for you this Sunday morning, is that you would be Filled with Joy!


6 thoughts on “Be Filled With Joy!

    • The last picture is the whole quilt. Its a small piece, 16″X20″. I did mostly teach myself to embroider–used to do some simple stuff when I was a kid. And then after I saw Marianne Burr’s work, I was able to take 3 days of lessons with her. She works differently than I do, but the basic concept is still similar.

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