I will be teaching my Embroidered Quilting class at The Cotton Patch in Lafayette! The Cotton Patch must be one of the oldest quilting shops in California–it was started in 1978! I am so excited and honored to be teaching there. The class is on Saturday April 21, from 10 am to 5 pm.


I teach the basic embroidery stitches that I use, and variations of all of them. If there’s time I talk about writing on quilts and the methods I use for various forms of writing.


The kit I provide has more than enough materials to make this project–this was a challenge to myself to use a kit that had colors I don’t like to make a little composition that I did like.



7 thoughts on “Teaching!

  1. Debby, you and I think alike! That is one of my favorite scriptures. So often I think of it during my mornings with the Lord, when a well love scripture just seems to jump of the page to me. Didn’t my heart just burn within as a I read it. Love all your work!

    • How fun! Hopefully the traffic won’t be too bad on a Saturday morning. If you use “the lady in the phone” she will take you right there.

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