A New Art Form?

Recently I took a trip to New Mexico to take tapestry weaving lessons. I found this woman on the internet a few years ago and loved her work. So I decided that I would go to learn how to do tapestry weaving. She teaches one on one.


Okay, I’m not going to lie about it. It was HARD!! This little sampler looks so simple, but on the diagonals, I had to have the teacher check me on EVERY line. I’m still thinking about whether or not I want to continue. On the same trip, my brother and sister-in-law came over from the Texas panhandle, and we had a few days of fun just exploring the town and visiting.

Today I just finished another rug “The Parable of the Lost Sheep.” I am enjoying doing these small rugs. I have four parables and about 10 of Jesus’ ministry. So far I’ve done three. There are a few things I want to fix on the rug (the hat on the shepherd’s head is too similar to the background color.) And of course it needs to be steamed and finished.


I looked up Sycamore-Fig trees on the internet (that’s what they are called in the Bible) and found some interesting trees to put in my rug. Interestingly, the figs on these trees are golden and grow everywhere–right out of the trunks. But the golden color did not work because it was too similar to the background color, so I made them American purple figs 🙂

And I don’t think I showed this yet. I finished this small quilted embroidery. It was very fun to do. And time consuming.


And one last thing. I entered three rugs into Quilting in the Garden, and I was very pleased with where my big PEACE rug was placed. My little Kantha quilt was in the front but the wind was whipping the quilts around so much I didn’t even try to get a picture of it.


6 thoughts on “A New Art Form?

  1. My paternal grandmother and grandfather were weavers. They did mostly rag rugs. I only have two. One is made from a chenille bedspread and the other from heavy hospital curtains. So they are still in good shape, and are probably 40+ years old. I do not use them on the floor. I use them for padding and coverage (like covering the backseat when I move something). Right now they are under a dog bed to give an arthritic 13 year old Golden more support.

    My maternal great grandmother did rug hooking. Probably all kits. I have one which is put away for my youngest daughter.

    Two posts in one day! So glad!

  2. Loved your Peace quilt at Quilting in the Garden. I was on the team that got to hand it on Sunday. We got to see your fabulous detail.

  3. It was good to see your posting, it’s been a while but now I know you have been very busy…which is good! I very much enjoy your Christian themed work, please continue to honor God with it.

  4. Your weaving is so good – and even before I read it, I thought “that looks hard” so yeah, nice going with such a challenging piece! And your embroidered piece, WOW. Your rug is really pretty and I love hearing the story and thought process that went into it.

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