Simple Sewing

Along with my “simplified life,” I am finding that I can pretty easily do some simple sewing. So far, no major works of art have come forth during this construction/renovation work. But I’ve managed two baby quilts and a new pillow cover!

Both of the baby quilts started with a baby/kid print. I just chose some solids that would coordinate and put them together.






The pillow cover is for the “European pillow” that I prefer for sleeping. Regular pillowcases don’t fit, so I had made a quilted cover for it a while ago. I was tired of that one, so I used another cute print (one of those darn fabrics I can’t resist buying and then don’t know what to do with them when I get them home.) This one was even more simple. Just kept the print as is and did some very simple quilting on it. Very nice to sleep on, I must say!


It feels good to finish some projects, even if they are simple. In the meantime, I do spend every evening doing some hand stitching on my more serious work. I’ll share those when they are finished!

2 thoughts on “Simple Sewing

  1. Simple sewing, simple knitting – it’s a good thing! I like having a project that I can zone out on. The baby quilts are so cute and I especially love the girly one. And how cool that you sew your own pillow case! I never thought of doing that, but it’s a great idea for showcasing the fun fabrics that call out to me at the quilt store. Hmmm, ideas, ideas…

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