A Little Idea

A few years ago I made this little quilt. I pieced a background of various green plant fabrics, and then I just cut out motifs from fabrics that I loved, sometimes of things that I loved, and had fun placing them in “just the right spot.” I think it was a travel project, because all the motifs are sewn on by hand.

Anyway, what to do with it when its done? Its kind of childish. When we were kids we had a couple of books that we loved our parents to read to us. But mostly we loved looking at the pictures and naming all the things we saw on each page.

So I had the idea that this would be a good baby or little kid present. I finally got around to mailing it yesterday to my niece, who has 4 little kids.


You could use fusible or zig zag to sew the motifs on, to make it more kid friendly. It was fun to make, and I hope will be fun to receive.






I enjoyed looking at it again yesterday, and remembering putting it together. I’m glad I took these pictures so I will have a memory of it.

7 thoughts on “A Little Idea

  1. Debby…this is one of my favorite quilts of yours. I had such fun looking at all the little creatures and other things. I MUST make something like this for my grandchild. It will provide hours of fun time looking at “everything” and talking about what he thinks the animals are thinking or doing. FUN FUN FUN!!! mickie

  2. Debby, I absolutely love this little quilt. I would call it an “I spy” quilt. Imagine all the fun the family can have with all the variety and colour to find and enjoy. Cheers, Helen in Adelaide, SA.

    • Yes, I should have included that in the post. Since it was a travel project, I probably made a sandwich out of the green pieced background, batting, and backing. And then I took the novelty fabrics with me and just cut out the motifs and hand sewed them on top. And then hand-quilted the whole thing. If I knew I was making it for kids, I would probably do the whole thing by machine, just to make it sturdier.

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