And Back to the Zig Zag!

I really liked that technique of making the Double Wedding Ring blocks by zig zagging squares on top of a background block. So when I ran across this pattern in a magazine, I thought it might be perfectly suited to the zig zag technique. I cut the article out and put it in my ‘to do someday’ file. The new year was that someday!

The magazine article says this is the traditional Rolling Stone block. By using my method, I changed it from a block needing 25 little pieces (to be cut out and then sewn back together!) to only 9 pieces! (10 if you count the background block.) Love it!

Here is the single block:


And here is a close up of the zig zagging:


And here is the complete quilt top (squares are on my design wall, still need to be sewn together.)


My design wall is in my bedroom! I love going to bed and staring at my current work, and thinking about what the next step might be. Last night I thought about whether I want to add a border to this, or to enlarge it. The answer to both questions was no. So I can get busy and put the top together and make a sandwich and quilt it!


2 thoughts on “And Back to the Zig Zag!

  1. I bet that design wall is really inspiring! I love to look at the stuff I’m creating and can only imagine how cool it would be to see it on a big scale like yours!

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