Sometimes the Thinkie Part is the Best Part


Once again I have noticed this quilt block that I saved on my desktop.

I am mesmerized by it. From a quilt made in the 1870’s. I think it would be so fun to make with my zig zag technique. To say nothing of the massive amount of embroidery on it! I don’t want to do that kind of embroidery, but it is definitely a big part of the design concept and the success of the overall design.

I want to go directly to the studio and start cutting out fabric. I even have a collection of fabric that I think would be fabulous for it.

Plus, look! Every block on the entire quilt is using different fabrics and colors. You know how I like that.


But I am in the midst of quite a few projects right now. Some of them are very near completion, and I just have avoided the final bit of work needed to finish them.

And, I don’t even want to say it out loud, but the studio needs a massive cleaning out before I mess it up with yet another project.

All this sometimes makes me frustrated. But then I remind myself that part of the fun of a new project is the time spent thinking and refining a plan. Adding this and that, taking away something that doesn’t work as well.

So for now, I will keep this project in the thinkie stage, and remember to enjoy that πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Sometimes the Thinkie Part is the Best Part

  1. LOVE THAT QUILT! Oh how long that would take but it is fabulous and I think something similar with your zigzag technique would be good!

  2. I’m the same way with a knitting project – sometimes spending extra thinking time (while YES, I finish other projects) makes the new project go smoother…plus the anticipation of getting to start it is fun! Love that design and I am interested to see your take on it. πŸ™‚

  3. That block is calling me, too. How lovely it would be in repurposed fabric or homespun. Too intense for me to try in a quilt, but a vest or messenger bag?…. I could do that.

  4. Love your thoughts on the ‘thinkie’ stage. Yes, why not enjoy all stages of the quilting process? I have several in the thinkie stage (and the half-way finished calling my name stage). All the embroidery on the old quilt, wow, makes you wonder how long it took the person to do all that.

  5. I love it too! Maybe you should do a challenge for all of us….. πŸ™‚ I looked at it and thought how it would make a great base block for crazy quilting. Only I’d probably have to do mine in Japanese taupes – and would have to add some funkiness to the mix. I know whatever you do with it – it will be amazing.

  6. I can understand your excitement for wanting to start this. I too have a few projects that gnaw at my craw and know I already have too many going. The “thinkie part” is the best part for me. Nice quilt and nice post!

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